Funny StarWars toys pictures

storm trooper che sign

If you are StarWars fan, you will love this! Click here to see the complete set by the creative Argentinian photographer who call himself “Marker”. As you can see, no one can escape the recession.

Transformers – Bumble Bee in action!

This is pretty amazing work by Lionel Lum

iPhone 4G high resolution screen

This is a very exciting news to all the people who are waiting for the new iPhone. I, myself, is one of them. However, my heart is still with my 8900.

Useful Javascript snippets – Smooth Scrolling and Animated Collapse

As I am redesigning my online portfolio, I have come across many useful tutorials that cover from design, xhtml markup, CSS coding, and Javascript snippets. In this post, I want to share two Javascript snippets that I have used for my new portfolio (its coming up very very soon…stay tuned!) Click here to download. If … Continue reading

Once again, Apple is in command

This is for all the Apple’s fans out there. I am not sure whether they are earrings or key-chains. What do you think?

Audi R8 Spyder

R8 Spyder European Version

I have always been an Audi fan. Its design is simple and elegant. The design element that attracts me the most is the lines of Audi’s cars. Recently, Audi has extended that element by redesigning its LED headlight (aka “eyelid”) for all of its products. The latest R8 Spyder is absolutely stunning. Its steep windscreen … Continue reading

Wall”PAPER” for designers

I found some wonderful wallpapers today and I absolutely love them! You can download them at Stephen Herko’s website. Make sure you check out his other work. They are pretty awesome! thanks to Design Fetish for the link!

HTML5 + CSS3 Readiness Chart

html5_CSS3 readiness chart

As I visit infosthetics today, I come across this chart which illustrates the readiness of the current browsers in regards to HTML5 and CSS3. It is obvious that IE still has a long way to go to compete with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Super Mario x Street Fighter

That’s what I have been waiting for. =)

iPad can do more what Steve Jobs has told us! – Part deux

Remember I have made a post about this topic couple weeks ago. I thought I have seen it all, but thanks to my friend, who shows me this awesome clip of using iPad as a tablet. I am starting to see its potential. I can see iPad can make huge stride in the industrial design … Continue reading

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