Firefox 4 Preview

I was a Firefox user and I still use it for occasional situation (banking). However, I find its increasing add-ons and plugins have made the browsers become cumbersome.

Chrome has recently become my primary browser choice and, in my opinion, it is the fastest browser right now. Its user interface is clean and easy to use. Google Reader and bookmark sync are two my favorite features.

Safari is my browser choice if I am using my MBP because of its support of the multi-fingers gesture support. With the magic mouse momentum scrolling, online browsing experience is fantastic.

Here’s the preview of the Firefox 4. It is clear it adopts the Chrome tabs feature to reduce the clutterness of the browser interface. CSS3, html 5, and multi-touch support are few features that are thrown in as of now. Since the screen shots are just mockups, expect more changes and adjustments to be made before it release date.


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