iPad can do more what Steve Jobs has told us!

The sales of iPad still puzzle me. Yes. I am one of those people who dislike the iPad. Don’t get me wrong. iPad is a remarkable machine that is well design and Apple is doing something that none has done before. However, the lack of MacOS X is a true disappointment to me. Let alone the unusual market place iPad is targeting to.

The biggest problem to me is its size. It is too big to be portable (to the owners of iPhone or iTouch)and too small to be a labtop (to the owners of macbook pro or macbook). There is no way I want to carry iPad with me when I am out with friends due to its size. I have a Blackberry owner and I can receive all my emails on the fly. Browsing through internet is not on top of my list when I am out with my friends having fun. So bringing an iPad with me just doesn’t make sense. For argument sake, even if I want to carry it with me. Where do I put that freaking thing?

So what can you do with an iPad? Well I have found a collection of video by some very creative people who put iPad into good use. Check the following video out:

iPad controlled blimp

kitchen tv or digital cookbook?

data cassette

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