Useful Javascript snippets – Smooth Scrolling and Animated Collapse

As I am redesigning my online portfolio, I have come across many useful tutorials that cover from design, xhtml markup, CSS coding, and Javascript snippets.

In this post, I want to share two Javascript snippets that I have used for my new portfolio (its coming up very very soon…stay tuned!)

Click here to download.

If you want to find other Javascript for your need, here’re some links:

Want to learn Javascript? JavaScript Primers is a good place to start. I like this site because it provides examples that require you to participate. In my opinion, the only way you can be proficient in coding is to practice.

Just like many of you, I hate coding. However, it is an essential skill for any designers (especially web designers) to add interactivity of their digital work. Thus I have decided to learn about javascript over the course of the summer. My goal is to be able to hand code xhtml, css, and javascript in the future.

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