Ironman-like interface interaction by the MIT folks

Words can’t even describe how cool this is. Just watch the video. For more information or download the API, email the brilliant Rob Wang.

9800 with OS 6

Finally, we have a video that showcases the new Blackberry OS 6. It is clear that the OS still has some bugs to work out. If you watch the video demo. The touch screen navigation is sluggish or not responsive at times. However, there is no need to panic or start complaining since it is … Continue reading

Work space that will make me stay at work rather than my house


Great link from Circlebox Blog that showcases some of the best workspaces that I have ever seen. Check it out.

Custom fonts for web development!

Google has release Fonts API. Now you can use custom fonts on your website in CSS as simple as this. Thanks Nettuts.

iPad can do more what Steve Jobs has told us!

The sales of iPad still puzzle me. Yes. I am one of those people who dislike the iPad. Don’t get me wrong. iPad is a remarkable machine that is well design and Apple is doing something that none has done before. However, the lack of MacOS X is a true disappointment to me. Let alone … Continue reading

England soccer fans must be delighted about this release

As we all know, 2010 Worldcup (soccer, in case you don’t know) is approaching. Many die-hard fans will be wearing their jersey to show love to their countries. And for the gadgets guys like me, there’s more way to show support. YES! You guess right. It is to buy more gadgets to show what we … Continue reading

Auto-dimming panels

This is pretty sweet device for the driver. Who wouldn’t find auto-dimming useful during a sunny day. See it

Awesome typography video


My friend sent me this link couple days ago. Love it!

Avatar – motion capture technology

Avatar is an inspiring film as far as pushing the 3D technology and motion capture performance. Watch the video and you will understand why.

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