BP, you are not the only one should be having fun spilling oil

Check this site out! [ via ]

Inception Poster

I want!!!!!!

Cool Pattern Maker

As I am working on a website for my client, I need to find some subtle background pattern that complements the color and pattern of the overall design. Thus, my quest of searching pattern has begun. The Design Inspiration is the first site that I explore. There is some good material but I don’t find … Continue reading

Nike Air Spider 2010 on the Behance Network

air spider 2010

Nike Air Spider 2010. I need to get my hand on one of those bad boys [ via ]

Tron Legacy – Race Sequence Trailer

tron legacy poster

One of my friends who works for Digital Domain told me the new Tron is amazing. I have my doubt simply because his opinion is somewhat biased. However, after watching this, my doubt not only is gone. I am a believer! Can you imagine watching this in IMAX 3D?

Cool animation by Dong Zhen,Li

I really enjoy this animation, particularly the use of the camera angle.

Javascript for noobs video series

If you are new to Javascript and want to learn how to handcode it. You might want to look into this.

Lexus Concept Car

lexus concept front

I really like the lines of this concept car. It reminds me of the cars from the movie “I, Robot”. [ via ]

Andy Murray Tennis Street Magic in London

Amazing video! [ via ]

Golf Cart upgrade —> tumbler

Batman would love to play golf on his days off too. [ via ]

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