A sneak peak of Window 8 features

Window 7 has made a huge improvement from the not-so-well-received Vista. I really find Window 7 is heading the right direction in terms of the functionality and the usability that results a major outcry from the Vista users. Today, Engadget has showed some of the new features of Window 8 In the article, there are … Continue reading

GPS Drawing

Using GPS to create illustration art is something that I have never thought of; however, Jeremy Wood has mastered this unique method and has created a collection of GPS drawing art on his website. The following map is The University of Warwick campus that is drawn on foot at scale 1:1. It required over 238 … Continue reading

Ironman 2 Early Concepts by motiongrapher

The design of the interaction interface of Ironman 2 is quite amazing. It has pushed the boundary of interacting with machines through gestures and voice control. The early concept artworks is produced by motiongrapher and I strongly recommend you check out his work. Enjoy!

9800 Slider – Detail Video Overview

Watch it before it get taken down =)

Frederico Mauro – iPhone Concept Design

If Apple has ever decided to release the following iPhone editions. I will get one in a heartbeat.

Apple has brought you the next revolutionary product – iHand

I can’t help myself but laughing out loud when I saw this. As you might have heard about the reception issue of the new iPhone 4, Apple has released an official statement explaining the problem is simply a software issue that miscalculates the reception bars. Apple denies the potential design flaw of the integrated antenna. … Continue reading

Modernist Dollhouses

Annina DollHouse bed

These are some amazing doll houses created by Annina Günther who lives in Brighton, England. The detail of the doll houses is striking, and what strikes me the most is the level of realism. You can really see yourself living in this creation. Enjoy! [ via ]

Another awesome StarWars Video

AT-AT day afternoon from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

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