A simple trick to create a textured effect of your logo design

texture effect

With a few simple steps using ‘color burn’, finding a nice texture background, and adding a few layers to enhance the effect. You can achieve a classy and realistic texture effect of your logo on a piece of nice texture background. This can apply to practically anything especially typography illustration. Go on and read this … Continue reading


This piece will go perfectly with my MBP. Nice design with 3 USB ports. I can’t go wrong with this. [ via ]

Typography Coffee Mug

Thanks to Design Fetish, this is one coffee mug that I want to use everyday.


The interface design in the Ironman movie is extremely well executed. This genius work is created by a VFX studio named – Prologue Studio. You can find my previous post about Prologue here Today, after spending a few hours working on one of my client’s website, I have decided to visit Prologue’s website and view … Continue reading

Nike Air Max X Wii Balance Board = Fun!

I am always amazed by the DIY people. The following Nike Wii is absolutely fantastics because the Nick is able to somehow integrate the Wii board into the AirMax. Check out the link below to see it in action! NIKE78 – Nick Marsh | ‘NIKE Wiis’ from NIKE78 on Vimeo.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – teaser

This device is looking great. 7″ screen size. Android 2.2, video calling, Swype, HD movie playback, “Flash support,” GPS navigation, an e-reader, and plenty more. I wouldn’t mind to get my hands on this bad boy. =) [via]

Inception x Lego

I am loving all the fantastic work that artists have done with Lego. The latest work by Alex Eylar aka Profound Whatever is absolutely stunning and instantly becomes one of my favorites. The reason is that he has re-created some memorable shots of the movie Inception.

Nokia N9 – The MacbookPro of handset

The build of the hardware is beautiful. Yes, it does have a lot of resemblance of the Apple’s MacbookPro, but who cares. A sturdy single piece of aluminum casing is always welcome. =) [via]

Black Pad

Rumours have been circulating about RIM’s desire to enter the tablet market, which is a total new territory for the company. Earlier, the purchase of the domain of “Blackpad” has further confirmed the making of this device. The most interesting question about this device is what OS it will run on. Will it run on … Continue reading

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Apple has extended the excellent trackpad of its MacbookPro to its desktop users by releasing the Magic Trackpad. Magic Trackpad has a larger surface area but its functionality remains the same. The multi-fingers gesture is something that I am so accustomed to that I can’t image living without it. You can read my take on … Continue reading

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