Black Pad

Rumours have been circulating about RIM’s desire to enter the tablet market, which is a total new territory for the company. Earlier, the purchase of the domain of “Blackpad” has further confirmed the making of this device.

The most interesting question about this device is what OS it will run on. Will it run on the current Blackberry latest OS6? or Android? Today, the speculation has been cleared with multiple sources suggest that Blackpad will run on its own OS built by QNX – a company that is purchased by RIM back in April.

rumour blackpad

Will Blackpad beat the iPad? I don’t think so. However, the device can leverage RIM’s R&D to work on a OS that is specific to a touch screen platform that can benefit to its other handsets (ahemm….Torch). In addition, to improve its OS and go beyond its rather outdated appearance.

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