Seattle Charette

After 2 weeks of brainstorming (accompany with many sleepless nights), our team has completed and presented the proposal for the Seattle Charette yesterday. The learning experience has not only exceed my expectation, it also pushes me to work at a whole new level as well as acquiring many new skills. To design at this scale has made me to appreciate urban architects more due to it complexity. Now I understand the architects are doing more than just putting buildings into our public space, their design act as an interface between the people and the city.

City is a living breathing organism, and it is absurd to design it without considering the context of people. Sadly, the functionalism approach, that is favored in the industrial age, has negatively impact interaction between people as well as the public space. This design approach is applicable to any design. The difference is the scale and the language. As my instructor points out, there are many similarities in the grammar of languages. Thus, if we treat design as language, we (designers) can speak it well as long as we learn the grammar. And what I have been taught in this course (Spatial Design) is the grammar.

Here’s the link of our final proposal presentation. This project is the result of 10 people’s dedication, hardwork, and determination. This is something that I truly value and it is my honour to work with these talented individuals.


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