Tron Lamp

I want one! [ via ]

Awesome 3D paper art

Great paper art by Cheong-ah Hwang [via]

No home button for the next iPhone?

I am not a big fan of this idea. Read here for detail

Good read on choosing typeface

5 principles for choosing and using typefaces [via]

Microsoft Surface

A while back Microsoft has come up with a new touch-screen interface named Surface. Guess what. You can see it in action. Just check out the video. Awesome!

Convey stories using data

To those who are interested in infographs, you have to read this article on storytelling through data visualization by Edward Segel and Jeffrey Heer. The full paper can be found here. The authors from infosthetics does a fantastic job summarizing the article. The whole idea behind Segel and Heer’s paper is to identify your audiences … Continue reading

2011 CES

This is it. It is that time of the year. Tomorrow is the official start of the CES. To me, this is the adult version of a toy-fair where all the upcoming cool gadgets are being shown. You guys can get the latest from here. 4G mobile handset seems like the most popular items as … Continue reading

UX Design for the non-designers

The most interesting point about this presentation is the discussion on the Natural User Interface (NUI), and how it is changing the UI design. You can download the video for your reference if you wish. [via]

Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Check it out

Bjarke Ingels Interview

A fantastic video on Bjarke Ingels, a Danish architect who leads Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG, explains his design inspiration and approach to architecture. BIG uses the Chinese character “big” as its logo. Personally, I find it’s a smart brand identity move, but there’s a deeper level of meaning. The word BIG also accurately depicts … Continue reading

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