Convey stories using data

To those who are interested in infographs, you have to read this article on storytelling through data visualization by Edward Segel and Jeffrey Heer. The full paper can be found here.

The authors from infosthetics does a fantastic job summarizing the article. The whole idea behind Segel and Heer’s paper is to identify your audiences and develop a strategy to promote interaction with your data/story. The level of interactivity can be determined by the “story-tellers”. The spectrum ranges from “author-driven” (no interaction, the story is being told by the author and the audiences just listen) to “reader-driven” (the opposite of author-driven model in which readers can interpet and interact with data any ways they desire). Of course, in real life, these extremes are rarely to be used. Hence, the “hybrid-models” is what the paper goes in depth to explore.

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