Hennessy BOA 2010 by The Keystone Design Studio

Impressive collaboration between the various artists and Hennessy. Enjoy! [via]

Ommwriter – Minimalist Text Editor

The user interface of Ommwriter is clean and simple. Using the dragging method, users can create the size of the working area according to their needs. The basic interface is mainly based on the icons that are located on the right. More options will be revealed once the users hover over the icon. A traditional … Continue reading

Cool Minimalistic Movie Posters

You can purchase them from the Picmix Store

World Cup Schedule

A fantastic infographic for the World Cup Schedule. See more here. [via]

User Experience and Experience Design by Marc Hassenzahl

A very interesting interview that Marc Hassenzahl discusses his view on experience. He challenges the definition of User Experience because it is too focused on the usage and consumption aspects of the users. Marc believes experience should be more emotional. The duration of the experience is shorter but it would have a more prolonged effect … Continue reading

Daft Punk x Coke

I would gladly accept this as my birthday gift. What not to like? Daft Punk [like], Coke [like], Comes with a stand to display the awesomeness [like]. If you are serious about this, detail information is available here. [via]

Mel Marcelo – Illustrator

As I was browsing on the Basketball Illustration group that I belong to on flickr, I have discovered a fantastic illustrator that has a very unique 80s-retro style of his works. Make sure you check out his work

Text Gradient using CSS

This is a great way to design a nice heading without using an image background. Please be aware this method requires the browser webkit so it is not 100% cross-browsers compatible. However, it will not result a disastrous break because only the gradient will not be shown. [via]

Basketbal x Design

Great article for artists who are passionate about basketball. On a side note, I am working on a set of presentation slides for Jordan III. A sneak preview is up on my flickr account. Make sure you check it out! [via]

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