Web Design Trend 2011 by Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman, the Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine,  is kind enough to post his presentation slides on Web Design Trend 2011 up on SlideShare. The particular topic that interests me the most is the discussion about the mobile platform. Unfortunately, the content is presented in German so I have to make some educated guess as I am reading it.

From slides 97-99,  Mr.Friedman has shown a few tools that can aid the web designers and developers. Skeleton, one of the tools that my friend Stanley has tweeted a couple days ago, aims to help the web designers and developers to develop sites that will look good in any size: from laptop to mobile smartphones. Mr. Friedman also suggested some websites that can guide the newcomers like myself to the mobile platform . Mobile Patterns, for instance, showcases a collection of current UI from various applications. It is a great reference.

I am writing this post because the growth of smartphone is rapidly increasing. It is no longer enough for web designers to develop great websites for desktops and laptops. The web designer will have to develop great mobile sites as well because the browsers expect the same experience on-the-go. The recent trend of tablets would only push mobile web browsing to another level. Apple iPad exemplifies how it changes the way people experience the web with a different form factor. The shift to the new platform has brought us designers a new medium to explore. This also brings new challenges and restraints that always attach to any design. The “best” design is about balancing the form and the function.

Before writing this article, I have started to ideate for a new design for my portfolio. Now, after reading the presentation slides and discovering Skeleton, my goal is to have  new portfolio that will work across all platforms. I will have to begin to do some research and start some sketches to record my ideas. Wish me luck.

2 Responses to “Web Design Trend 2011 by Vitaly Friedman”
  1. web design says:

    Good blog post and decent site template design. I am more into web design. Nonetheless, would check back again soon!

    • Billy So says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      I am into UX Design, and web design is definitely part of it. Hopefully, you find will some of my posts that can serve as inspiration and help your future projects

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