The Expanding Role of User Experience Design | UX Magazine

UX Magazine recently posted this article to discuss the skills and knowledge that UX designers must possess for today’s successful experience design. Due to the medium has become a “broad, multiple-platform, always on, multi-context, centre-of-our-universe conduit for information,” experience design has also become more complex.

Aaron Walter, the author and the User Experience Design Lead for MailChimp, explains that UX designers must have a T-shaped understanding of the medium. They need to have a broad understanding of the medium (the x-axis) as well as possess a deep understanding of user science (y-axis). Having the T-shaped understanding will allow the UX designer to see the big picture of the project. However, as Aaron Walter points out, this is not the only reason. He suggests that with today’s ever growing team, “fragmentation of knowledge” leads to “chaos, miscommunication, and ineffective design.” Thus, having a T-shaped understanding will also allow UX designers to be the “translator” and “diplomat” in the team, resolving miscommunication that help move the project forward.

I would like to end the article with a quote by Aaron Walter who summarzie the role UX designers perfectly.

“User experience is not only about seeing the big picture of how our applications and websites are used, but also about how they are made.”  

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