End of Line (not yet)

I once was a Blackberry addict who clinched on my handset and BBM’ed my friends all day. The blinking red light seemed to have some sort of Jedi power because I couldn’t resist checking my messages once the light started to blink. From this description, I have displayed a typical Blackberry user’s obsessive behaviour. However, I … Continue reading

No home button for the next iPhone?

I am not a big fan of this idea. Read here for detail

Microsoft Surface

A while back Microsoft has come up with a new touch-screen interface named Surface. Guess what. You can see it in action. Just check out the video. Awesome!

2011 CES

This is it. It is that time of the year. Tomorrow is the official start of the CES. To me, this is the adult version of a toy-fair where all the upcoming cool gadgets are being shown. You guys can get the latest from here. 4G mobile handset seems like the most popular items as … Continue reading

Google Map 5.0

I can’t wait until this is available for my iPhone. How can you not want the 3D interactivity?

New 360 Tron-edition controller

Where’s the love for PS3?

Please makes this BB a reality!

This is a Blackberry that will compete and make me a very very happy man. [via]

LG Optimus allows users to display their mobile media onto TV

This is quite fascinating. The latest LG mobile device (a Window 7 device) will enable users to show their media from their mobile device to their big screen TVs with a flick of finger. See video for the demonstration

Nike Air Max X Wii Balance Board = Fun!

I am always amazed by the DIY people. The following Nike Wii is absolutely fantastics because the Nick is able to somehow integrate the Wii board into the AirMax. Check out the link below to see it in action! NIKE78 – Nick Marsh | ‘NIKE Wiis’ from NIKE78 on Vimeo.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – teaser

This device is looking great. 7″ screen size. Android 2.2, video calling, Swype, HD movie playback, “Flash support,” GPS navigation, an e-reader, and plenty more. I wouldn’t mind to get my hands on this bad boy. =) [via]

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