Nokia N9 – The MacbookPro of handset

The build of the hardware is beautiful. Yes, it does have a lot of resemblance of the Apple’s MacbookPro, but who cares. A sturdy single piece of aluminum casing is always welcome. =) [via]

Black Pad

Rumours have been circulating about RIM’s desire to enter the tablet market, which is a total new territory for the company. Earlier, the purchase of the domain of “Blackpad” has further confirmed the making of this device. The most interesting question about this device is what OS it will run on. Will it run on … Continue reading

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Apple has extended the excellent trackpad of its MacbookPro to its desktop users by releasing the Magic Trackpad. Magic Trackpad has a larger surface area but its functionality remains the same. The multi-fingers gesture is something that I am so accustomed to that I can’t image living without it. You can read my take on … Continue reading

A simple solution to your computer’s need

The mini-raiser created by Lab424 is a simple and effective solution that provides users a more ergonomic experience when they are using their laptops and/or keyboards. Better yet, when you are using your pretty MacbookPro in a coffee shop, you can use the mini-raiser to ensure the bottom does not get dirty from the coffee … Continue reading

New kind of arcade style racing game

A German designer spent 2 months building the track and the game. Check out the video! [ via ]

Blackberry upgrade time!

YES! The slider is officially announced today. The official name of the release device is Torch (9800). It will be released on AT&T. No words on when it will arrive in Canada. With the new OS6 and the much-needed browser-kit overhaul, today it is indeed a good day. Check out the following promotional video for … Continue reading

Prologue Film – Iron Man 2 UI

I have posted some still images of Iron Man 2 UI artwork in my previous post. Today I want to share a video that showcases the UI in the movie. Enjoy!

Macallan UI – a sneak peak

UI centric screenshot

As the trend of tablet continues to heat up, I have found another tablet UI developed by Macallan. Although the shown video is just demoing the UI running on a netbook, it will be interesting to see when this baby runs on an actual Window tablet device. [via]

Apple Magic Trackpad

In case you haven’t seen the rumor photos, Apple has finally make the Multi-touch trackpad on the MBP available to the desktop. I think this is a great product for those who haven’t purchase the Magic Mouse. If you are a graphics designer like myself, I would recommend you purchase the Magic Mouse over this … Continue reading

Antenna-Aid – from the maker of the iHand

Another revolutionary design by the popular iHand maker. [ via ]

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