Village by Village – a documentary on improving the sanitation of India

ICFSBC is doing some great work to help improve the sanitation of India. A great documentary filmed by one of my good friends, Tom Delamere.

TRON’s UI sequence by Inventing Interactive

TRON is one of the best movies as far as the visual design goes. Inventive Interactive the talented company that is mainly responsible for the movie’s UI sequence. Bradley Munkowitz, better known as GMUNK, was the lead animated graphics artist. You can see the complete list of TRON related work here on Inventive Interactive’s Flickr … Continue reading

T-800 in Lego

I want it! Check out more Martin Latta’s work on Flickr

Darth Vader

Love it! [LikeCool]


The interface design in the Ironman movie is extremely well executed. This genius work is created by a VFX studio named – Prologue Studio. You can find my previous post about Prologue here Today, after spending a few hours working on one of my client’s website, I have decided to visit Prologue’s website and view … Continue reading

Inception x Lego

I am loving all the fantastic work that artists have done with Lego. The latest work by Alex Eylar aka Profound Whatever is absolutely stunning and instantly becomes one of my favorites. The reason is that he has re-created some memorable shots of the movie Inception.

Prologue Film – Iron Man 2 UI

I have posted some still images of Iron Man 2 UI artwork in my previous post. Today I want to share a video that showcases the UI in the movie. Enjoy!

Stunning Conceptual Art by Vladimir Shelest

blood splatter

Here are some samples by this talented artist. [via]

A preview of what our current consumption behaviour can lead to

Fantastic animation by Stephen Ong

Ironman 2 Early Concepts by motiongrapher

The design of the interaction interface of Ironman 2 is quite amazing. It has pushed the boundary of interacting with machines through gestures and voice control. The early concept artworks is produced by motiongrapher and I strongly recommend you check out his work. Enjoy!

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