For the typography lovers   [via]


Great poster by Raid71.                

No home button for the next iPhone?

I am not a big fan of this idea. Read here for detail


This piece will go perfectly with my MBP. Nice design with 3 USB ports. I can’t go wrong with this. [ via ]

A simple solution to your computer’s need

The mini-raiser created by Lab424 is a simple and effective solution that provides users a more ergonomic experience when they are using their laptops and/or keyboards. Better yet, when you are using your pretty MacbookPro in a coffee shop, you can use the mini-raiser to ensure the bottom does not get dirty from the coffee … Continue reading

Apple Magic Trackpad

In case you haven’t seen the rumor photos, Apple has finally make the Multi-touch trackpad on the MBP available to the desktop. I think this is a great product for those who haven’t purchase the Magic Mouse. If you are a graphics designer like myself, I would recommend you purchase the Magic Mouse over this … Continue reading

Antenna-Aid – from the maker of the iHand

Another revolutionary design by the popular iHand maker. [ via ]

Time-Machines assisted swap for your MacbookPro

Today I have purchased a new hard-drive for my Macbook Pro 15″. The hard-drive is the 320GB Seagate Momentus 2.5″ 7200RPM 16MB. I was thinking getting the DIY-kit from OWC. Personally, I do not need all the tools because my dad has them all. So what really matters to me is how I backup the … Continue reading

Frederico Mauro – iPhone Concept Design

If Apple has ever decided to release the following iPhone editions. I will get one in a heartbeat.

Apple has brought you the next revolutionary product – iHand

I can’t help myself but laughing out loud when I saw this. As you might have heard about the reception issue of the new iPhone 4, Apple has released an official statement explaining the problem is simply a software issue that miscalculates the reception bars. Apple denies the potential design flaw of the integrated antenna. … Continue reading

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