Meet the Santa Brand

Santa X Brand Identity = I LIKE! [via]

Awesome logo identity designer

Recently, I have accepted an offer from a client who wishes to have his company’s logo redesign. Brand identity is challenging and yet fun. It requires research and the most importantly, the ability to visually communicate the company’s message in the simplest way. As I am seraching for inspiration, I have come across helvetic brands, … Continue reading

A list of my favorite branding agencies

Branding is not an easy task. There are so many variables that a company has to consider in order to market itself properly to the intended audiences. However, there are a few branding agencies that are superb in this area. I would like to share this list with you. Cause+Effect – A Vancouver based brand, … Continue reading

Dunkin Donuts Rebranding by Matt Stevens

dunkin donuts rebranding

Folks, this is some brilliant rebranding Matt Stevens has done for Dunkin Donuts. From logo, cups, posters, and apparels are well executed. Unfortunately, the design is just for fun (april fool). Too bad, because I really want that sprinkles shirt. =p

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