TRON’s UI sequence by Inventing Interactive

TRON is one of the best movies as far as the visual design goes. Inventive Interactive the talented company that is mainly responsible for the movie’s UI sequence. Bradley Munkowitz, better known as GMUNK, was the lead animated graphics artist. You can see the complete list of TRON related work here on Inventive Interactive’s Flickr … Continue reading

User Experience and Experience Design by Marc Hassenzahl

A very interesting interview that Marc Hassenzahl discusses his view on experience. He challenges the definition of User Experience because it is too focused on the usage and consumption aspects of the users. Marc believes experience should be more emotional. The duration of the experience is shorter but it would have a more prolonged effect … Continue reading

Check this out. Free Encyclopedia of Interactive Design, Usability and User Experience. I don’t know why I am going to school for this if this site is up a year earlier. =p Anyways, enjoy.

Microsoft Surface

A while back Microsoft has come up with a new touch-screen interface named Surface. Guess what. You can see it in action. Just check out the video. Awesome!

Using Kinect as the next generation HCI?

Kinect undoubtedly opens a new dimension in interacting gaming. However, its application doesn’t stop there. Many developers have been able to develop it for other applications. I am really liking the possibility of using it as an alternative to touch-screen interface because Kinect can read your whole body to as opposed to your finger tips. … Continue reading

Ironman 2 Early Concepts by motiongrapher

The design of the interaction interface of Ironman 2 is quite amazing. It has pushed the boundary of interacting with machines through gestures and voice control. The early concept artworks is produced by motiongrapher and I strongly recommend you check out his work. Enjoy!

GridPapr – a free online tool for easy wireframing and prototyping grid-based designs


For all your grid lovers, this is a fantastics tool for prototyping your next design. Whether it is web, poster, magazine layout, or interface, GridPapr allows you to produce a wireframe quickly. I have played around with GridPapr for a few minutes and I really like it. It uses a simple interface that allows you … Continue reading

Interesting use of interface interaction

Found this from one of my favorite sites infosthetics. This is a interesting project created by a group of Washington students. Check the link to see their interesting work. Projection Interface

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