The interface design in the Ironman movie is extremely well executed. This genius work is created by a VFX studio named – Prologue Studio. You can find my previous post about Prologue here Today, after spending a few hours working on one of my client’s website, I have decided to visit Prologue’s website and view … Continue reading

Prologue Film – Iron Man 2 UI

I have posted some still images of Iron Man 2 UI artwork in my previous post. Today I want to share a video that showcases the UI in the movie. Enjoy!

Ironman 2 Early Concepts by motiongrapher

The design of the interaction interface of Ironman 2 is quite amazing. It has pushed the boundary of interacting with machines through gestures and voice control. The early concept artworks is produced by motiongrapher and I strongly recommend you check out his work. Enjoy!

R2D2 x Ironman

R2D2 x Ironman

R2D2 finally has some firepower next time when it’s in the battle with Skywalker. [ via ]

Ironman 2 UIx and gadgets

Like Minority Report, the gesture based interface have inspired many interface designers. The new Ironman 2 movie, I think, has done the same. Check out the following clips: clip 1 clip 2 clip 3 *clips are provided by

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