Building Window 8

Window8 looks promising from this video. The interface is 100% different from Window 7 and makes it look out-dated. The most drastic improvement is the the use of “tiles” which is definitely influenced by the Window7 phone UI. Jensen Harris, the Director of Program Management from the User Experience team of Microsoft, explained the benefits … Continue reading

Microsoft Surface

A while back Microsoft has come up with a new touch-screen interface named Surface. Guess what. You can see it in action. Just check out the video. Awesome!

New 360 Tron-edition controller

Where’s the love for PS3?

A sneak peak of Window 8 features

Window 7 has made a huge improvement from the not-so-well-received Vista. I really find Window 7 is heading the right direction in terms of the functionality and the usability that results a major outcry from the Vista users. Today, Engadget has showed some of the new features of Window 8 In the article, there are … Continue reading

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