For the typography lovers   [via]

Good read on choosing typeface

5 principles for choosing and using typefaces [via]

A simple trick to create a textured effect of your logo design

texture effect

With a few simple steps using ‘color burn’, finding a nice texture background, and adding a few layers to enhance the effect. You can achieve a classy and realistic texture effect of your logo on a piece of nice texture background. This can apply to practically anything especially typography illustration. Go on and read this … Continue reading

Typography Coffee Mug

Thanks to Design Fetish, this is one coffee mug that I want to use everyday.

5 rules about typography

I found this awesome tutorial from amateurmedia. You can find many more useful tutorials on Cinema 4D on this site too.

Floral typography illustration

Typography illustration is one of the hardest but also the coolest type of illustrations. As I am searching for some inspirations for my first attempt of typography art, I have come across Si Scott Studio. I invite you to check out its work. Hopefully, you will get some inspiration as well.

Wall”PAPER” for designers

I found some wonderful wallpapers today and I absolutely love them! You can download them at Stephen Herko’s website. Make sure you check out his other work. They are pretty awesome! thanks to Design Fetish for the link!

Awesome typography video


My friend sent me this link couple days ago. Love it!

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