Web Design Trend 2011 by Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman, the Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine,  is kind enough to post his presentation slides on Web Design Trend 2011 up on SlideShare. The particular topic that interests me the most is the discussion about the mobile platform. Unfortunately, the content is presented in German so I have to make some educated guess … Continue reading

Building Window 8

Window8 looks promising from this video. The interface is 100% different from Window 7 and makes it look out-dated. The most drastic improvement is the the use of “tiles” which is definitely influenced by the Window7 phone UI. Jensen Harris, the Director of Program Management from the User Experience team of Microsoft, explained the benefits … Continue reading

TRON’s UI sequence by Inventing Interactive

TRON is one of the best movies as far as the visual design goes. Inventive Interactive the talented company that is mainly responsible for the movie’s UI sequence. Bradley Munkowitz, better known as GMUNK, was the lead animated graphics artist. You can see the complete list of TRON related work here on Inventive Interactive’s Flickr … Continue reading

Ommwriter – Minimalist Text Editor

The user interface of Ommwriter is clean and simple. Using the dragging method, users can create the size of the working area according to their needs. The basic interface is mainly based on the icons that are located on the right. More options will be revealed once the users hover over the icon. A traditional … Continue reading

Check this out. Free Encyclopedia of Interactive Design, Usability and User Experience. I don’t know why I am going to school for this if this site is up a year earlier. =p Anyways, enjoy.

UX Design for the non-designers

The most interesting point about this presentation is the discussion on the Natural User Interface (NUI), and how it is changing the UI design. You can download the video for your reference if you wish. [via]

Ironman-like interface interaction by the MIT folks

Words can’t even describe how cool this is. Just watch the video. For more information or download the API, email the brilliant Rob Wang.

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