Web Design Trend 2011 by Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman, the Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine,  is kind enough to post his presentation slides on Web Design Trend 2011 up on SlideShare. The particular topic that interests me the most is the discussion about the mobile platform. Unfortunately, the content is presented in German so I have to make some educated guess … Continue reading

Cool Pattern Maker

As I am working on a website for my client, I need to find some subtle background pattern that complements the color and pattern of the overall design. Thus, my quest of searching pattern has begun. The Design Inspiration is the first site that I explore. There is some good material but I don’t find … Continue reading

GridPapr – a free online tool for easy wireframing and prototyping grid-based designs


For all your grid lovers, this is a fantastics tool for prototyping your next design. Whether it is web, poster, magazine layout, or interface, GridPapr allows you to produce a wireframe quickly. I have played around with GridPapr for a few minutes and I really like it. It uses a simple interface that allows you … Continue reading

A great article on using gradient as design element.

This article really opens my eyes when it comes to the use of gradient. Admittedly, I am still new to Photoshop and I have read many online tutorial articles that seem to promote gradient as a universal design element. Folks from Build Internet wrote a great article on this. Check it out !

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