Blackberry upgrade time!

YES! The slider is officially announced today. The official name of the release device is Torch (9800). It will be released on AT&T. No words on when it will arrive in Canada. With the new OS6 and the much-needed browser-kit overhaul, today it is indeed a good day. Check out the following promotional video for … Continue reading

New Blackberry Browser kit

FINALLY!!!! This is a preview of the new Blackberry browser experience. Mind you, the webpages in this video are full website not the mobile version as the reviewer mentions. I am glad I have made my decision to stay with Blackberry. Can’t wait until the new slider comes out =)

A comprehensive look at the new Blackberry OS 6

Watch it before it gets taken off =)

9800 with OS 6

Finally, we have a video that showcases the new Blackberry OS 6. It is clear that the OS still has some bugs to work out. If you watch the video demo. The touch screen navigation is sluggish or not responsive at times. However, there is no need to panic or start complaining since it is … Continue reading

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