Rbellion – ICON Shoes

   Found a series of gorgeous shoes’ illustrations on Rbelion’s blog. Rbelion is also a photographer, a 3D artist, and a graphic designer. Check out the portfolio.

Mel Marcelo – Illustrator

As I was browsing on the Basketball Illustration group that I belong to on flickr, I have discovered a fantastic illustrator that has a very unique 80s-retro style of his works. Make sure you check out his work

Basketbal x Design

Great article for artists who are passionate about basketball. On a side note, I am working on a set of presentation slides for Jordan III. A sneak preview is up on my flickr account. Make sure you check it out! [via]

Darth Vader

Love it! [LikeCool]

Lost – The Animated Series by drawsgood

As a Lost’s fan, I can’t help but to share this to those who are a fan of the TV show. The illustrations are amazing. John Locke will be the wallpaper for my iPhone for the next few days. You can see more of Michale Myers’s work at his website drawsgood

A collection of cool typeface illustrations

vic typeface portrait

I have always been a fan of typeface illustration. A while ago, I have created a piece on Kobe during the NBA playoff. As I was surfing on the web, I have come across the following illustrations that really exemplify the power of typeface. I invite you to have a look. Hopefully, you will enjoy … Continue reading

GPS Drawing

Using GPS to create illustration art is something that I have never thought of; however, Jeremy Wood has mastered this unique method and has created a collection of GPS drawing art on his website. The following map is The University of Warwick campus that is drawn on foot at scale 1:1. It required over 238 … Continue reading

Jason Seiler’s illustrations

I have come across some illustration work by Jason Seiler. They are pretty amazing. Personally, I really like the Jay-Z illustration.

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