End of Line (not yet)

I once was a Blackberry addict who clinched on my handset and BBM’ed my friends all day. The blinking red light seemed to have some sort of Jedi power because I couldn’t resist checking my messages once the light started to blink. From this description, I have displayed a typical Blackberry user’s obsessive behaviour. However, I … Continue reading

Please makes this BB a reality!

This is a Blackberry that will compete and make me a very very happy man. [via]

Black Pad

Rumours have been circulating about RIM’s desire to enter the tablet market, which is a total new territory for the company. Earlier, the purchase of the domain of “Blackpad” has further confirmed the making of this device. The most interesting question about this device is what OS it will run on. Will it run on … Continue reading

9800 with OS 6

Finally, we have a video that showcases the new Blackberry OS 6. It is clear that the OS still has some bugs to work out. If you watch the video demo. The touch screen navigation is sluggish or not responsive at times. However, there is no need to panic or start complaining since it is … Continue reading

Working on a Blackberry Inspired Ad in Photoshop

Found this tutorial online. I am going to do a piece simliar to it using one of my favourite artists – Alicia Keys. Stay tune for the outcome!

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