The first impression of Gimme Bar User Experience – Part 1

In short, Gimme Bar is a web application that allows you to save all of the cool things you see on the web. Gimme Bar has the ability to let you to save any type of medium (images, text and video) via a clean, elegant interface. It is a great app for social media users … Continue reading

This blog will now focus on my reflection on UX Design

As I start tweeting more, Twitter is a more effective tool for me to share what I like. However, the limitation of 140 words is a challenge to carry out a in–depth discussion. Hence,  starting today, I will use this blog exclusively to discuss my views on design-related topics, primairly on User Experience and User Interface. … Continue reading

Why UX is important?

via Human Factor International

Bill Ford: A Future Beyond Traffic Gridlock

“Environmentalist” and “Auto-maker” are the two words you hardly use in one sentence. Bill Ford, however, is one individual who can break this rule when you have to describe him. The main emphasis of his talk is to raise awareness of the traffic issue. Bill Ford explains the rapid growth of population is one of … Continue reading

Joe DeLorenzo – Oil Painter

A talented illustrator who uses a traditional medium with a twist of contemporary approach. Check out his portfolio to see more of his awesome work.      

End of Line (not yet)

I once was a Blackberry addict who clinched on my handset and BBM’ed my friends all day. The blinking red light seemed to have some sort of Jedi power because I couldn’t resist checking my messages once the light started to blink. From this description, I have displayed a typical Blackberry user’s obsessive behaviour. However, I … Continue reading

Village by Village – a documentary on improving the sanitation of India

ICFSBC is doing some great work to help improve the sanitation of India. A great documentary filmed by one of my good friends, Tom Delamere.

Rbellion – ICON Shoes

   Found a series of gorgeous shoes’ illustrations on Rbelion’s blog. Rbelion is also a photographer, a 3D artist, and a graphic designer. Check out the portfolio.

The Expanding Role of User Experience Design | UX Magazine

UX Magazine recently posted this article to discuss the skills and knowledge that UX designers must possess for today’s successful experience design. Due to the medium has become a “broad, multiple-platform, always on, multi-context, centre-of-our-universe conduit for information,” experience design has also become more complex. Aaron Walter, the author and the User Experience Design Lead for MailChimp, … Continue reading

Web Design Trend 2011 by Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman, the Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine,  is kind enough to post his presentation slides on Web Design Trend 2011 up on SlideShare. The particular topic that interests me the most is the discussion about the mobile platform. Unfortunately, the content is presented in German so I have to make some educated guess … Continue reading

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